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Airline Scholarship Programs

I am interested in going to college to learn how to fly. Does anyone know of an airline that offers grants for aspiring pilots?


I do not know of any. About the closest you will come is ATP’s Tuition Reimbursement Program: Tuition Reimbursement FAQs / ATP Flight School



There are some institutions that offer small grants but none that will cover all the expense. The problem is, unlike many other careers, aviation requires a certain level of not just intelligence and knowledge, but cognitive and physical coordination skills. It’s not rocket science or pro athletics but the fact is not everyone is capable of becoming a pilot and that’s one of the primary reasons you won’t see scholarships etc.


Aviation scholarships are pretty rare and doesn’t cover a lot of your training. However, AOPA has a list you could browse as well as the FAA. I’ll post the links below.