Are there any options for scholarships? I feel a bit skeptical to take loans, was wondering if there was any other way to pay for flight school?



Welcome to the forum, I recommend reviewing the FAQ section for questions as there maybe answers already that you are looking for. There are aviation scholarships out there in the world, for ATP Flight School specific, no. You can do a simple Google search, check out AOPA and other groups

Taking a loan out can be nerve racking to many, I was once in position where I was unsure if a loan was justifiable for the career, until I did it and realized it was the best decision I made. What I did was weigh the pros and cons of taking another loan (on top of my 4-year degree loan), ultimately ruling that the cons were very minimal to the pros, and this was something that I wanted to do. The mindset I’ve seen in this field is if you truly want to fly planes professionally, no matter the sacrifice and risk, the reward will always be greater and the enjoyment in what you do.

I recommend checking in with the Finance team to see what they can help you with, or your own personal finance individual as they may be able to develop a plan for you, so it isn’t as “skeptical.”



United currently is offering some scholarships for their Aviate program but my understanding is there’s been tens of thousands of applicants and for very few spaces.

While I understand your desire to avoid debt, the reality is flight training is expensive. Due to the fact flying skills are not something everyone possesses, most lenders and institutions are reluctant to give grants or scholarships to start training (many airlines offer Tuition Reimbursement after you’ve completed it).

A career in aviation can yield great rewards and you really should look at the loans as an investment in your future. One other alternative may be the below work program currently offered by ATP.


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Brady and Adam, thank you for the information. I’m really interested in this program, and I’ll look at what options I have. Thank you both for taking the time to respond, I truly appreciate it.


Unfortunately scholarships for aviation are few and far between. Many are for a rating or two but none that cover all the training needed for a career as a professional airline pilot.

The United Aviate academy is the first of its kind to offer a scholarship for the whole package. It is a very competitive program to get in to but has huge rewards. I encourage you to apply for it.

A vast majority of students require loans to make their aviation dream a reality. If you don’t have a co-signer and require one, the TSS to student program is a great opportunity.


Thanks for the information, Hannah. I’ll look into the Aviate United Academy and see what other options I have.

Tens of thousands of applicants for the Aviate Program.:pensive: I applied and never heard back from them. It’s probably the luck of the draw I guess