Do airlines have scholarships for people who are intrested in becoming a pilot

Recently envoy had a class session were it was more of like a meet and greet and a Q&A with pilots and intrested young people to ask questions i was unable to attend due to my work schedule and would like to know if some airlines have schooling going through them?

I am not exactly sure what you mean by “do airlines have schooling going through them”. Can you clarify?


Going off of the title of your thread the answer is no, airlines do not offer scholarships. They do however offer tuition reimbursement for ATP instructors who sign a conditional letter of employment.


Im sorry i wasnt thinking of that off the top of my head in that sense i heard of it but didnt know who it was for in the airline industry thanks for the clarification .

Im sorry i was thinking of something else that wasnt connected to what i was asking …i mean well put it like this before u moveany higher u have to have @ least some flight hours before u can move up to bigger aircrafts with that being said im wondering does the airline well pay? In a sense to learn a different aircraft or does that fall on you?


We are happy to answer your questions, but I would ask that you use proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. It is a little hard to decipher what you are asking when you write in short hand.

The airlines pay for all of your training when you move from one aircraft to another.