Airline Transport Pilot Certificate-ATM

1.Is the Airline Transport Pilot certificate-ATM required to have to be hired by an airline?

  1. Is it included in the career pilot program or separate?

Reviewing the ATP program timeline, I’m sort of confused how you go from a flight instructor flying prop planes to airlines hiring you flying jet engines? Does the airline train you? I was trying to better understand the type ratings, would the ATP-ATM allow you to do this?


  1. No. At least not at the Regional level. When the FAA changed the rules requiring all airline pilots to have their ATPs they also created a new set of rules for obtaining it. Those rules included training in full motion simulators which is cost prohibitive for most. The Regionals were then forced to create their own ATP-CTP programs in order to allow their newhire 1500hr flight instructors to obtain their ATPs. Short answer the Regional that hires you will train you for your ATP and ATM and your type ride to fly the particular plane you’ll be flying will also be for your ATP certificate.

  2. No. It can’t be. You need to have a minimum of 1500hrs for the cert and that time will have to be built.


Hi Adam,

That makes much more sense now. Appreciate you explaining that.