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Hello again. I have a question(s)about the ATP certificate. Whenever you reach your 1500 hours, where do you go take the test? How much studying is involved? How hard is the test? How much does it cost? Any input is appreciated.

Wyatt P.


If you decide to fly for a Regional they train you and satisfy all the requirements for your ATP cert. They then will administer the Written and your type ride will act as the practical exam for your ATP cert. Now if for some reason you chose a different route you will be required to take an FAA certified course prior to taking the written and subsequent practical. Back before 2013 you could simply walk into any FAA testing facility and take the written. But, along with the 1500hr Rule came a long list of requirements which had to be satisfied prior to taking the written, not the least of which is 6hrs in a Level C FULL-MOTION simulator. Again not a problem if you get hired at a Regional but if not you’re going to be looking at least $5,000 just for the training to take the Written.

The Written itself is really not that challenging and is mainly rote information.


That is very useful information. Thank you for clearing up my questions.


Always happy to help.


ATP Flight School does offer an ATP CTP program. Our recommendation to Airline Career Pilot Program graduates and ATP instructors is to let your airline sponsor your ATP CTP.

ATP Flight School, through its ATP JETS affiliate, provides contract ATP CTP training to the following airlines:

  • Mesa
  • Piedmont
  • Trans States
  • GoJet
  • Envoy
  • Great Lakes
  • Compass
  • Republic
  • Ameriflight

We add more every day as we bring more locations on-line. But as an ATP graduate and instructor, the ATP CTP is a cost that your future airline employer will bear.

Thanks for your input. It is greatly appreciated. That is what I’ve been told and have read.