Airman Knowledge Test Study Group (Virtual)

Hello everybody-

I’m beginning my ATP program 06/12/23, and I’ve recently completed my orientation videos, ordered everything I need for school. Is are being dotted and Ts crossed. All that’s left is to finish the knowledge tests before class starts.

I’d be happy to make an online study group to make the process a little easier and wanted to come here to see if anybody else was in a similar boat and would like to join. I’ll be attending the Hartford CT location, but would be happy to work with anybody.

Anyone this reaches/applies to/interests feel free to reply to this post and we can put something together.



Hopefully some others will chime in to join you but if your start date is 6/12, and if you haven’t started, it’s doubtful you’ll be finishing all 6 knowledge exams by the time you start but that’s fine. It’s not required.

If you can manage to clear the PAR that would definitely help.



I doubt that you will find anybody wanting to do a virtual study group, most people study for these tests alone and with the apps as that really is the best way. Make sure you are getting 90% on the practice exams before you take the actual tests.



Great idea but I think it’s best to dive in to the prep apps on your own and get the PAR done, maybe even the IRA if you’re a quick learner. Once you start in Hartford, you’ll have classmates starting the same day to study with along with the students slightly ahead of you in the program!



I’m with the others here, most do self-study and come together when they have questions. You have plenty of time to knock out a few of the writtens if you started today. Every written has a number of test bank that differs from one another so the time studying varies.

For example, Sheppard Air says that the ATP written takes about 23 hours of studying, but depending on the individual it may be less or more. I think I did way more, but I wanted to make sure I got a really good score.

Please let us know how things progress through your attendance!