Starting in a few weeks!

Hello all!

I’m starting ATP soon! Check-in date is Jan 8th.
I’ve completed all 6 of my knowledge tests. To be proactive, I also went ahead & completed 4/10 Private Elevate classes so far. About half way through my Private Pilot GIS.

Super excited and nervous for my day 1!:laughing:

  • How does week one looking like?
  • Should I start reading the textbooks again and review? or chill out, and enjoy the holiday off?
  • I want to be well prepared. Any study tips and strategies to help me survive (and thrive!) would very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Skylar you are prepared and have checked the boxes you need to check!

Enjoy the holidays and time with your family and friends because after Jan 8 you’ll be a ghost!


Hi Skyler! That is so exciting, congratulations on passing all of your exams! I am hoping to do the same but do not know where to start. What apps did you use to help you study? I need to pass the PAR 28 days before starting but am unsure of what will be best to study and pass the exams. Any advice would be great, thanks and congrats again!

I used ASA Private Pilot Prepware!


Welcome to the forum, congrats on completing the 6 Airman Knowledge Tests already, you are WELL ahead for the program.

The best study tip or strategy I can say is get into the training center even on your off days. Utilize all your available resources like peers, the simulator and any training aid that you can get your fingers on.