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AME exam timeline

I just recently (about two weeks ago) got a second class medical exam. The examiner didn’t offer a first class exam and I have since been accepted into the ATP program. I noticed, because they have the same standards as the airline, I’ll need that upgraded to a class 1. I’ve never gone and taken a second exam in such short notice. Is there any hold time or time frame between exams or can I just go to another AME and get the proper class 1? I know that is probably a goofy situation and it was an oversight on my part. Thanks for your help, in advance!

You should be able to go to an AME and just get the first class medical. They might ask you why you are back so soon, but your reason makes perfect sense.

Awesome. Thank you, sir.

I wanted to update on this. There is a 90 day grace period that you must observe before you can get another exam. In other words, if you were given an exam on the first of January, You will be waiting 90 days from that point. You CAN get this timeline shortened or have the paperwork “forced” through but YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT YOUR AME MAKES APPROPRIATE COMMENTS! In my case, I was upgrading from a Class 2 to a Class 1 in less than 90 days. My AME did NOT make the appropriate comments on the submitted form and I had to go through the FAA medical help desk to get it resolved. That took nearly 3 weeks on its own. Just wanted to give an update on this although I doubt anyone will make the oversight I did in this situation.

Your situation on this is rather unique, I had never heard of that restriction before. Thanks for the update on this.