Medical Certificate

I’m sure just as many others have had experiences regarding a first class medical certificate. I’m looking to go to ATP later this year and the first step was to get a first class. I met with the AME, filled out extra paper work and my AME faxed it to the FAA. So I was deferred. How long will it take to hear back from them?
And second, I checked under the Airman Certification Inquiry and I found my information on it saying that I had medical: First. Does this mean that the FAA has issued me a certificate even though they haven’t sent me anything about it?



It really all depends on what kind of issue you had and how the FAA decides they want to handle it.

I am really not sure about how the database corresponds to what sort of certificate is actually issued. Your best bet is to work with your AME on this.


I recently went through this. Submitted my packet to the FAA for oversight at the beginning of August and didn’t get an official certificate back until December. I got the impression 3-4 months was the typical wait time since they’re getting so many applications. However, the certificate says it was issued in August. I’d call the FAA and ask for clarification before flying solo.

Here’s the number for the Office of Aerospace Medicine’s certification department. This is the number that the FAA provides for domestic airmen with certification questions (you).
(405) 954-4821

You can also contact your regional flight surgeon’s office. From your post history, I’m assuming you’re a Utah resident, so you’d want to contact:
Brett Wyrick, D.O., M.P.H
(206) 231-4000

If your 1st Class medical was deferred, which it sounds like it was, you will likely be waiting 90-120 days. I have had a 1st Class in the past, let it lapse due to non-aviation career path. My medical (nothing changed since last 1st class) was deferred Nov 5th, 2018 and I am still waiting. I have AOPA PPS assisting also.

Good news everyone! Just got off the phone with the FAA medical center and they received my paper work on Monday and processed my certificate on Tuesday! I passed! Can’t wait for this next journey through flight school



Awesome news!