First Class Medical Deferred, then Accepted

I know there’s a good amount of posts about medicals, so sorry if someone else has posted something similar, but I haven’t been able to find anyone with this same scenario.
I’m interested in starting at ATP this summer so I applied for my medical this past fall and had an appointment with an AME. I filed an application on MedXPress and waited. I initially got a deferment letter from the FAA requesting additional information on a few of my past medical visits. But as far as I could tell the info they were asking for was included in the package my AME had sent in as part of my application. A week later, and before I had the chance to send any of the documents they were asking for, I got a second letter in the mail that contained my medical card and a letter saying my application for a first class medical had been accepted. I’m assuming what happened is they reviewed my online medxpress application before the one that came in the mail, saw that I had no documentation for the previous medical visits so they asked for more info. Then when they got the package from my AME in the mail with the supporting documents (or finally had time to review it), they issued me my card. I’m also now listed on the FAA website as a first class medical holder.
My question is, is there anything else I need to do as far as those documents they were asking for, or am I all good there? Has anyone else ran into a similar situation? The letter said I have 60 days to respond and supply the documents, so I just want to make sure if I don’t send anything in, since I already received my card, that they aren’t going to come back asking why I never supplied the documents.
I know you certainly can’t speak for the FAA but any input is appreciated.


The question ATP (and the airlines) will ask is simply “do you have a First Class Medical?”. You do, you’re all good.

Start working on your writtens.



If you’re holding your First Class Medical, you’re fine. If you still aren’t convinced, call the FAA to double check that they don’t need anything else from you.



I would most certainly call the FAA and ask if your medical is valid and if you need to supply them with anything. Just to be sure.


Thanks for the responses. I talked with the FAA and they confirmed that I am good to go, and they don’t need anything else.

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Hey Mike,

I’m in a similar situation. How long did it take to get the requested info from FAA in the mail after your appointment with your doctor?



About three weeks. I had my appointment the first week of November and got the letter asking for additional info the last week of November.