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Deferred First Class Medical


I am looking forward to attending flight school with ATP, but have hit one tiny snag. My First Class Medical exam was at the end of October, and I was deferred to the FAA because I was finishing up on weight loss medication. My AME told me that if I stopped the disqualifying medication (I’ve been doing great and was about to stop this month anyway), I would need a letter from my doctor saying I was off the medication and no longer needed it.

I was able to accomplish all of this within a week of my AME exam and I have the clearance letter from my doctor in hand. This is literally all I need in order to pass the First Class Medical, but now I know I am stuck (potentially for months) waiting on the FAA to send me a letter. If I contact them and/or fax them the letter with my applicant ID, could this potentially help me out or would it have no effect? After reading other posts regarding AME exams, I can see that everyone’s situation is different, so that’s why I created this topic. Thanks in advance to anyone who feels like responding!

P.S. On another note, when I log into my MedXpress account, my application is no longer there. It just asks me if I want to start a new application. Not sure if this is normal, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

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Your application is no longer there because it’s been completed by the AME and is no longer in the “application phase”. Totally normal.

As for the rest the FAA is notoriously slow when it comes to these things and the pandemic has only exacerbated the situation. You’re free to contact them as you like but in all likelihood you’re not going to get a response any faster.



I just submitted medical information to the FAA related to a retinal tear that I had. I was told to expect 10-12 weeks for a response, there is no way that I know of to speed this up. We are in the same boat here.



Thank you for the quick response! I’ll be patient for now. In the meantime, I guess I could start going over book stuff for ground school to be ahead of the game.

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I would begin working on your private pilot written exam. Here is a page that is tailored for already signed up ATP students, but it will give you an idea about taking the writtens:

There are several resources available to help you study for the private written, my favorite is the course from King Schools.