An appreciation for flying

Hello all,

Just wanted to comment quickly on an appreciation for flying, I read allot of posts about future airlines, time frames, and pay, and such. And while YES they all concern me, and yes, I think about all of them, Its also important to realize how lucky those of us our that are able to do this. Practicing maneuvers over Long Island sound last night with the sun setting, WOW, what a sight. I dont mean to ramble on, just want to remind everyone to take a second and think how amazing it is to be able to fly, to learn, and become an aviator. Thank you to all who help make it happen, strive for greatness, take your victories where you can get them, and ALWAYS be thankful, happy flying all. :sunglasses:


Thank you Kristopher,

I have to admit while I enjoy answering questions here I sometimes wonder if people really “get it”? As you said many seem to be overly concerned with money or timeframes to advancement. I for one believe an appreciation and respect for what we do is essential to this career. While I don’t think that I (or my peers) are better than anyone else our job is unique in both responsibility and the sheer joy it can provide. While some may (and do) argue that I’m wrong and the love for flying is not a requirement, I would argue that they’re missing out on the most wonderful aspect of it. Kristopher hold on to that feeling and you will have an amazing life and career.