Anyone have a review on Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology-Florida

Hello I’m currently thinking of enrolling at Aviator College down in Fort Peirce FL and wondering if anyone that has been in there the past Approx. 2 years has a honest review on it. I’ve found multiple people reviews on reddit about them being really bad about maintenance and aircraft availability but most the reviews are from 4-9 years ago. Just wondering if these issues have been fixed/bettered or if the school is in a bad standing. Plan on driving down from IL in the next couple months to visit but was just looking for some actual student outlook on the school.

My parents are locked up on student loans for my brothers so private loans are not a option for me as of right now so I’m going the federal loan route and the two school I got my eyes because there accredited are Aviator College and also Hillsborough aero academy in OR. so if anyone has a review on that school that would be greatly appreciated thanks!


Personally I’ve never heard of the school but if everything you’re reading is old and bad that sounds like a redflag. Hillsboro has been around a long time but they’re really a helicopter school that jumped on the airplane training bandwagon a few years ago when the pilot shortage started and I’ve yet to meet a single successful grad.

Flight training isn’t cheap (or easy) and chosing the right school can have a huge impact on your career. It would be better to wait till you can get the funding then just to pick a school because they have federal funding (which I don’t think Hillsboro offers?).


Hey Adam yes Hillsboro does accept federal funding as of 2022, I’m not 100% sure if its for the Fixed wing program or the Rotor craft still got to call and ask . A school I was looking out in Hawaii had Title IV for Rotor craft but not for there fixed wing program. Just looking to see if any student have attended and have anything to say, People tend to go to the internet to post bad reviews but you never hear the good.