Application got deferred

Hey Guys .
I just got a letter stating my application for First Class has been deferred .I think it’s because I submitted a handwritten letter by my physician previously instead of a typed letter. My physician has already typed the letter few moments ago so the question is ,should I fax it or mail it to them ?
It will be much appreciated if someone lend a hand

Thanks in advance ,


You need to call the FAA to discuss these type of issues. We are not able to comment on medical issues. I will say that I can’t believe that you and your physician submitted a hand written letter.


Call (405) 954-4821
If you don’t get thru, keep trying. Best time to call is 0830 Central Time or 1430 Central Time
Give them your SSN and address and they can look up your info. Get your PI number for future reference.

If you reported a medical condition they deemed needing more info on then you should be getting a letter in the mail. And yes, have your doc and AME send all documentation in a typed format in the future. When you send documentation it will sit in a queue for a month and you wouldn’t want to waste that time waiting on unacceptable paperwork.