Arlington, tx starting in January 2019

Just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there planning to start at Arlington in January

What school? I was hoping to start in January aswell. I’m in Irving, TX and haven’t picked a school yet.


I’m looking into ATP for sure!
Are you staying in ATP housing?
If your loan is already approved, how long did it take for you and did you use a cosigner?

I will be starting close to that time, but I’ll be at the Addison location. I still need to swing by the Arlington location just to see it first hand before I make my final decision.

I’m looking into buying a house or at least renting. I’m married with 2 dogs lol. And I’m waiting until we sell our house here in Kansas before I apply for financing. Planning on making a trip down to check out the campus within the next month or so

@Zpowell96 awesome, I am not married but i have a BF, heres to hoping they understand our study hours during training! i havent been to see the campus yet either i still need to call ATP and see if they have my start date open and do my intro flight.

@DaneH i am probably going to be at the addison location as well because it is close to where i live now, but then again we have to move in august or so and that could be to a different area of dfw so we shall see. i guess really depends where i can start sooner in 2019.

@lindsayrdavis yeah it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment, but then again I’ve been working 7 days a week for the last 7 months so maybe not lol. I guess I don’t really have any reasoning in choosing one location over the other, my wife will probably be working in Irving, but I just kinda figured Arlington would be a little bit cheaper. If you guys have any suggestions let me know!

Also I just got my first class medical last week!


Congrats on getting the Medical. I still need to go get mine done. Hopefully we all see each other around sometime. The amount of study time will be no joke.

So a few weeks ago we drove down to Arlington, checked out the school and I did my discovery flight! It made me want to start ASAP! This week I put my deposit down and am scheduled to begin January 14th! I can’t hardly get off the kings app as I prepare for my written tests!


That is great news! I am glad that you are working on the written exams, that will be a huge benefit to you while you are in the program.