ATP CFI hours

The regional airlines do not require a 4 year degree. Putting your college off to get through training and flight instructing will not delay your trajectory.



With all due respect, if he’s successful he won’t prove anything to anyone. The ICAO lists one of a pilot’s primary responsibilities as managing risk. When someone makes a very poor or ill-advised decision and the outcome is OK that doesn’t mean they were right, it means they were lucky. There are countless aviation accidents where it’s proven that pilots had bad practices for years (its called a Normalization of Deviance) and begin to believe that the rules and warnings were incorrect and they’re right. That is until it sneaks up and bites them and they end up on the 6 o’clock news.

Good decision making skills are essential to all pilots, not good luck. Even worse is thinking you know better with literally zero experience.



I will personally be going through the program as recommended by everyone, no school, no work. I believe this is the right decision based on the information I have gathered through these forums.


That is a wise decision. Listen, I hate being harsh but seriously this program is hard (like Jeopardy hard). While it’s very doable it requires a tremendous amount of focus, dedication and discipline.

People LOVE the fact they can complete all their training and be flying as a professional pilot in only 7mos. We’re sometimes asked “what’s missing from the program?” or “can you really learn everything in that short a time?”. The answer is nothing is missing and yes you can BUT, the rapid pace comes at a price and that price is commitment. I instructed for ATP and the washouts I witnessed were not due to a lack of intelligence or skill. It was simply a failure to put in the work and appreciate the intensity of the program.

Are there people who have bucked the system and worked or went to school and were successful? Sure. But there are also people who win the lottery or get hit by Elon Musk’s Tesla and are set for life but neither is a great retirement plan. There are also people who drive drunk on a regular basis and don’t get caught. Does that mean they’re safe or its ok? Does that mean it’s a good decision? I could go on but you get the point. The idea is to do everything you can to ensure your success vs hoping for the best.


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I believe everyone learns in different environments. Some learn focusing on one thing and others like lots of things going on at once. I find it offensive that you think i’m not capable of following my own plan. I did ask for advice on a certain topic but not my pathway in life. We all can reach the same place but take different routes. My whole life I been putting insane pressure on me and that’s how I succeed. Believe it or not I took 3 years of highschool in 1 year, while attending real estate school, and earning college credits at a academy program.

I appreciate all the advice you’ve given me but I really despise it when someone doubts me. I understand that it’s going to be INSANELY difficult and your trying to look out for me but that’s the environment I learn in. I prefer to get 4 hours of sleep every night while the other 20 hours are invested in something else.

I don’t mean to be rude but hearing stuff like that I take really personal.

Thank you, Androu

(ps I also ended highschool with a 3.7 gpa even though I crammed 3 years worth of knowledge in just 9 months) I make sure my work is also quality and isn’t rushed.


You came on here asking for advice, you received consistent advice from all mentors, yet you are going to “follow your own plan”. You have been on this website long enough to know that we do not sell sunshine here, we provide real, unvarnished answers that will lead out students to success. There is nothing for you to be offended over, we are not here to believe in your or not, we are here to give you advice that will best situate you for success. We have done that and you have disregarded it.

I am going to lock this thread because further discussion on it is futile and is not a good use of any of our time. I will leave you with this though as you said several posts ago that “Whatever ATP suggests ima follow and the rest of my priorities fall in any free time.” In the ATP Student-Instructor Handbook it states:

“Work, recreational, and other educational commitments are discouraged while enrolled in the ACPP.”

As you proceed with your plan, just remember that it is against ATP’s policies, and against every mentor and current student’s advice that has posted here.


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