New to ATP and pilot career

Hi, my name is Christian Luneborg, 19 years old, just graduated from high school, and i have endless questions that i needed a pilot that have experience with ATP to answer my questions. I’m going to shorten this up a bit.

  1. To enter ATP or any other flight school(also applying an airline jobs), do i have to have a college degree or higher?
  2. What is an average length of time to complete 1500 hours of flight time before you are eligible to work at an airline company?
  3. After graduating at ATP, i read that you guaranteed to become a flight instructor and basically what does that job position do?
  4. I read from other people’s q&a that the length of time to finish ATP flight school depends on how hard you study and pass, is it true? What is the maximum length of time you can study and finish there?
  5. There is numerous locations of ATP flight school in America and i want to go to the one near Daytona Beach, is this a good location to go to? (I am from Dallas). Or it does not matter?

Thats all i have for now thanks!



Let’s get to your questions,

  1. ATP requires two years of college or work experience, Many other flight schools will not require any sort of higher education. You will not need a degree to work for the regional airlines, but you will absolutely need one to fly for the majors.

  2. If you go to ATP and then instruct there, the average amount of time to complete the 1,500 hours is two years.

  3. In the most simple terms, a flight instructor teaches other people to fly. As an ATP instructor, you will be guiding new students through the same program that you just completed.

  4. The program at ATP is nice months long. While some people might finish it a bit sooner, I would plan on nine months. The program should not take longer than nine months.

  5. All of ATP’s locations are held to the exact same standards, I would simply pick the one that works best for you.

Thanks for your questions, come back as you think of more.