ATP Chicago Training


I just moved to Chicago a few months ago, but now I am thinking of changing my whole career after 12 years in IT and become a pilot.
I am thinking of enrolling at ATP in Chicago, however I am apprehensive about starting soon with the winter months coming up. I wanted to see if anyone else did ATP training in Chicago during the winter and what their experience was. I really want to make sure I’m finishing the training within the 7month accelerated training timeline.

I did read on a forum that there could be training setbacks during the winter months due to inclement weather thus extending your training timeline.

I may have the opportunity to move to a better climate, but wanted to ask for any advice first.


Every area of the country has it’s weather challenges. The North gets cold, rain and snow in the winter, the South gets massive T-storms in the summer, etc etc etc. ATPs 7mos timeline has been refined over 35+ years and over 70 locations. If any location was incapable of fulfilling the requirement it would be closed. ATPs been in Chicago for decades and has produced hundreds of grads.

Long short, if Chicago is the best location logistically for you then that’s where you should train. And FYI, the planes all have heaters, they don’t have a/c!



I would not worry about the weather. Every location has its training challenges, they all tend to balance out over the course of seven months. I would pick the time that is most convenient for you and start then.