ATP chicago

Hello Everyone newbie here!! Bit About my self i am 34 years old have PPL from Australia and now living in Chicago, graduated with bachelors and currently in year 1 of medical school which i am planning to quit next year. I love flying and i don’t see myself working as physician in future, so far i have 196 TT.

Would love to get feedback on these questions:

  1. Since i live in Chicago, i would to like train here but since winters are brutal in Chicago how will that impact my training?
  2. What are my odds of getting hired by regional’ s and majors down the road?



Before we get started you say you have a AU PPL but don’t mention you’re status here in the US? Just FYI if you’re not a citizen you will have to get a TSA background check before you can train and you’ll need to be a citizen or have resident status to work as a pilot in the US. Now on to your questions:

  1. Winters in Chicago are horrendous but every region of the US has it’s issues. The southern states get t-storms all summer, northern states get snow and wind and you can see what’s happening in California. Depending on when you start your training you’ll probably encounter some less than ideal regardless of where you train. That’s why ATP requires a fulltime commitment. In order to get you done maybe you’ll be flying very early or maybe it’ll be late. ATPs had locations around the country YEAR round for decades. In short it’s not a problem but you can always choose a location elsewhere as well.

  2. Right now is an unprecedented time in this industry. The Regionals have literally doubled salaries in an effort to recruit pilots. While I hesitate to ever make guarantees, earn your licenses and ratings, build the required time, keep your record clean (and again be legal to work in the US) and you will get hired by a Regional. As for the Majors that’s a little harder. While they’re hiring as well they can and are a bit more selective but the same rules apply. Do well, build your time and experience, do some networking and you should be fine.



Hi Adam

Thank you so much for your reply and your valuable information. I am green card holder and yes i have to do TSA background check. I will keep you posted if i have more questions but as of now i am leaning towards ATP in Chicago for training for next year.