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ATP Countdown!

Good evening everyone,

As of today I am officially scheduled to start ATP’s Fast-Track Airline Career Pilot Program on the 16th of next month(November). Materials and uniform are on its way to my address, 1st class med is on hand and for the next 3 weeks or so focus on those study guides etc. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a very long time. I’ve been an “aviation lover” since I was 7 years old when I flew for the first time as a passenger. When I was 19 I started the PPL course but quit before reaching my solo due to financial difficulties. Stayed almost five years without getting near a cessna again. Now the time has come and I feel extremely confident and secure. Did my intro flight about two weeks ago. Also, I’ve been a member of this forum for about 20 months and wouldn’t have made this decision if it wasn’t for the mentors and the graduates clarifying every bit of doubts I had. I will be sure to update my progresses throughout the course. Hopefully we’ll cross paths on the airways someday. Thanks and stay safe everyone.



Congratulations on taking this step, it is a huge commitment to the rest of your life and one that I think you will find rewarding.

If you have been around this forum for twenty months, you know exactly what I am going to say next. Get those written exams done! It will put you at such an advantage to have completed the writtens, it will really make your life easier in the program.

Thank you for your kind words, it is nice to know that people value what we do here.

Please do continue to update us and congratulations!


P.S. note the “Verified ATP Student” tag now appearing next to your name :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the club!

A huge word of advice here, take as many as the FAA written tests as you can before your start date. It will make your ATP life so much easier.

Good luck with all the training!


Welcome to the new beginning of a new chapter of life. Like Chris said, getting those writtens will make your life much more easier and little less stressful. I mentioned in a blog post on my own thread for the program and each stage, having the writtens done ahead of time has allowed me to focus on the actual flying portion and studying everything at that stage, rather than trying to figure a written and worry about taking an exam.

Wishing the best of luck and enjoy the journey, it flies by fast!


Congrats Rayan!

Major first step to achieving your dreams! Work hard, keep focused and you’ll do well.

Please keep us posted and as always feel free to ask any and all.


Welcome, Rayan!

I too think that taking the writtens early is helpful, but not required. You only have 3 weeks before you start. That should be enough time to at least take the PAR. Totally okay if you don’t. There is time built into the program for all of them. But if you want to do yourself a favor, I recommend it. Even if you try your best, but don’t take the test before you start, having studied will help.


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Congrats! Study hard, get your private written out of the way. What location will you be at?


Thank you very much for the positive advices and incetives. I am already on top of it.

I will be starting at McCollum Airport(RYY), located in Kennesaw, GA.

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Congrats! I made the switch as a custom program and haven’t looked back since. Love it.

Let us know how RYY is! I am from Cumming, GA so not too far from there. I decided to train out at KAPA so I could stick with my familiar 172 however :wink:

Good luck, study hard, and never give up!