ATP Flight School Financing

Hello, I know I have been asking a lot of questions recently and I have another. On the ATP flight school page on financing it says, “The proven track record of graduates allows ATP to work with multiple lenders, offering full financing for commercial pilot training with full loan payment deferment until you begin flying as an airline pilot.” Does this mean that you do not have to start paying your monthly loan payments until you are at a part 121, or do you have to start paying while you are a CFI. Also, if I were to get to a part 121 through a part 135, would I have to start paying at the 135 or once I get to the 121?

Thank you very much to the people who continue to answer my questions (and very fast at that)!


The terms can and do vary with the different lenders but yes, in many cases you wouldn’t have to start making payments till you’re done building your time and actually flying for a carrier.

I don’t believe (and you should certainly check with ATP Finance) the language specifies “121 carrier”(despite what the website says) as not everyone goes that route. If for example you went the 135 route and decided to stay there, you wouldn’t be able to defer your payments indefinitely by saying “well I’m not at a 121 carrier yet sooooo”. Make sense?


Yes, thank you very much for your continued help.

Unfortunately with financing ATP, it’s not like college with federally backed loans and low interest. Whatever you decide with regards to financing, go into it with eyes wide open. Have a clear understanding of what the interest rate will mean for your monthly payments, and how much the total interest will be on top of the amount you finance. An interest rate of 15% at 10 years, for example, will ultimately have you paying almost double what you borrowed by the time the payments are done. Then ask yourself, and ATP, what happens if you get the loan, pay ATP and then you are not able to complete the program for one reason or another. Maybe you wash out (it’s a rigorous, high demanding program)? Or maybe you encounter. medical issue that grounds you. How long do you have after attaining all the required ratings to get a job before you have to start paying the loan? What if you don’t get a job right away, or if you get one that doesn’t pay what you hoped? Not trying to pursuade or dissuade you either way. Just be fully aware of what you’re getting into financing a big obligation like this.


There are a whole lot of “what ifs?” in your response. While I agree no one should just dive into this program without doing their research, my question is how is this any different then any other financial obligations people take on or possible pitfalls we all can face.

I’m a Capt for a Major airline and get paid very well BUT if I lose my medical, have an accident, etc etc etc I’ve got some issues. I’m not advocating anyone take on more debt then they can handle but there are no more risks in this than anywhere else.