ATP Location

My son would like to attend the ATP commercial pilot course. Upon completion he would then like to attend an A320 type rating course in Manila with CAE and then gain an FO position with Cebu Pacific.

  1. Is this the correct path (ATP then then the type rating course)?

  2. There is also a program referred to, I believe, called multi-crew licensing. Is the ATP approach a better program?

  3. He would be able to attend any of the ATP campuses as we are from Honolulu and there is not one here. Are there any ATP locations that are preferable over others?

Thank you for taking time to help me out as I am not a pilot so I hope my questions make sense.

Hello Andrew and Welcome,

First let me start by saying I’m really not familiar with the regulations and requirements in the Philippines. That said I did take a quick look at Cebu Pacific’s (CP) hiring requirements ( ) for pilots and therefore I think I can guide you some.

  1. First answer is no. There’s not an airline in the world that would let you sit right seat in an Airbus with 200hrs and a type rating (or at least I hope not). Your son needs to build some time and experience. CP states their minimum hiring requirement for ANY pilot is 500hrs total time for a First Officer (FO) position on the ATR (a turboprop). For the A320 yes you need the type rating BUT you also need 500hrs IN the A320 and 1500hrs total time. After competing ATP’s Career Pilot Course your son will have 225 hrs total (275 if CP counts simulator time) and will need to build the deficient time. The most common method is flight instruction.

  2. The Mulit Crew License (MPL) is not available in the US and personally I’m not a fan. It was derived in Europe to deal with their pilot shortage and basically trains young people out of school to be FO’s. The problem is the students never actually develop any pilot skills, they’re trained to “assist” the Capts and monitor. While this is all well and good 90% of the time, if/when things get “ugly” the MPL pilots often find themselves lacking and there have been some catastrophic results.

  3. I’m actually on Oahu myself (I live and Kailua) and despite my urging you’re correct ATP doesn’t have any locations in the state. As for locations ATP does an excellent job of standardization and your son will receive the same level of outstanding training regardless of location. He should choice a location based on personal preference (convenience, family, climate etc).

I going to assume you have ties and your son is legal to work in the Philippines? With that said I believe his best route would be simply for him to complete ATP’s Career Pilot Program. ATP guarantees graduates employment as flight instructors. He should be able to build the 500hrs required in less than 6 mos at which time he could apply and hopefully get hired at CP as an ATR FO. After that he can work his way up to the heavies.

Btw you don’t mention if your son has any flight experience but if he’s never taken a lesson it’s critical he does. ATP will not accept any students with zero flight time. The reason is while many people believe they’re destined to fly until you actually do you honestly don’t know. Also you don’t say your son’s level of education? I don’t know if CP has any requirements for a degree but to train at ATP he needs either a degree, his Private Pilot’s license or comparable work experience.

Hopefully this helps some.