ATP Commercial Mulit

Hi guys just wondering if anyone knows whether ATP will accept students who already have a PPL and Instrument rating? I can’t tell from the website. Anyway, I have those rating with 300 hrs and would like to go to ATP for Commercial and CFI/II/MEI.


They definitely will (and often do) but you will still be required to go through the entire program INCLUDING the instrument training (no checkride required of course). While maybe not ideal, you’d be building extra time and also be eligible for their guaranteed instructor position and tuition reimbursement. Something to consider.



I joined ATP 6 months ago and I was in the same position you are in right now. I had my private and instrument ratings and 295 hours coming into ATP. I did all my training at a local mom and pop school and wanted something more structured so I could get my head together and focus. ATP was happy to accept me. I didn’t receive any discount for having my instrument rating, but I was very thankful to have gone through ATP’s instrument training because it brushed off a lot of rust. In fact, it had been 8 months from the time I got my instrument rating to the time I started with ATP. I was a weekend warrior for too long and realized I had to get serious if I wanted to make a career out of this.

Thanks for your reply Adam!

Thanks Erik.