ATP Partnership with Wheels Up

Big news for those that want to adventure the Part 135 world!



Does Part 135 also require mandatory retirement at 65?



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Very cool to see more opportunities for exposure to the part 135 world!


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Do you have to instruct with ATP for this to apply? Or can you just be a graduate?


Typically partnerships of ATP require you to instruct at ATP after graduation. This is why it’s important to choose the flight school that best fits you and your interests. After reading the second paragraph, it seems you instruct at ATP and transition at 1,200 hours:

Please let us know if you have any other questions, welcome to the forum.



Thank you for the response, I am just curious cause I saw that and I also saw that it stated,

“Amid the growing demand for commercial pilots, the partnership allows [Wheels Up] to recruit from ATP’s student and instructor group of 2,400 pilots while providing ATP graduates with expanded opportunities for professional development and progression.”

Just wanted a little clarification!