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I have been doing some research regarding the ATP career pilot program and had a few questions that I haven’t found great answers to. First is housing options when bringing a spouse along. Would I just have to sign a lease somewhere or are there options to say rent out multiple rooms from the ATP housing options? Secondly, the ATP literature leads me to believe its a one and done deal to become a CFI after finishing the 7 month program to get to the 1500 hours, however one would be naïve to believe that. It seems in the past that it was a guaranteed program to become a CFI, but not anymore. Could anyone give some guidance on what are the odds of becoming an ATP CFI beyond just having to apply for it like any other job?



  1. There are no housing options that permit you to bring a spouse, partner, friend, pet etc. ATP housing is strictly for ATP students only. You’d have to make your own arrangements but it will not be ATP housing.

  2. ATP has over 70 locations across the country so the available opportunities are always strong. The odds of you getting a position are really based on 2 factors. A) were you a good student and B) your flexibility. In addition to doing well in training (no more than 2 checkride busts) ATP believes (and rightfully so) good students make good instructors. That means cordial, prepared, punctual. Hannah says it best, you should consider your time as an ATP student as a 7mos job interview aka don’t be a jerk. Second is your willingness/ability to relocate. While the odds of getting a job offer are very good, there’s no guarantee it’ll be at the location where you trained or even close. Provided you do well towards completion of your training you’ll be presented with a list of available locations. If one works for you great, if not then you’re free to go elsewhere. It’s that simple.


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Hi Adam,

Do CFI’s have access to the same reduced price housing as the students while they are building hours?


To my knowledge it is not.



Adam is right, the housing is reserved for students only. It’s common for CFI’s living away from their hometown to go in on housing together to keep the cost down.