ATP Ride Report Webinar

For those who may be interested, we will be hosting our first “Ride Report” webinar tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm eastern time. I will be the guest this week to launch this new program. Our main topic of conversation will be Covid-19 and the affect it is having on the airline industry and future flight training. We will also have a question and answer session at the end and would love to hear your questions.

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Hey Chris, any chance that will be saved for future viewing? Fortunately, I will be on a training flight at that time. TY - Ed

Yes, it will be recorded and posted. I will post a link when it is available.

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Hey @Chris, thanks for your speaking today during the webinar. I just finished catching up on it since I worked earlier, but great idea that ATP is doing to get a virtual interaction and real-time answers!

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Here is a link for those that missed it and are interested:



I am glad that you were able to see it. Thanks for the feedback.


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Yeah it was a great webinar. I was actually wondering whether or not a graduate degree would be worth getting. I’m getting my bachelors at 21 and I was going to use that 2 years to flight instruct and do my masters at the same time. However, you answered that question well. It was also good to actually see you “in person.”

I am glad that you found it helpful, thanks for the feedback.


Upcoming webinar sessions and topics can be found here:


I highly recommend signing up for these webinars. There is some great information presented there and of course it is completely free of charge.