ATP's response to Covid-19

Many have been asking what ATP’s policies have been in regards to Covid-19 and how it is affecting training. Below is the most recent update from ATP. The company has taken a very active approach to making sure that their instructors and students remain safe, while still continuing flight training.

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Thank you for sharing this information. This is extremely helpful for me as I make a decision to either postpone my start date or proceed as planned with Tampa on March 30.

Note: The original thread in this post is being updates daily with the latest Covid-19 updates from ATP.

Thank you for these daily updates, Chris. So helpful! Since my state just ordered a travel ban and my training center is in another state, I’ve postponed my start date until July 6.

I’m really happy to see how proactive ATP is in this situation and how communicative the entire staff is. I am loving the new daily live webinars with CFI Academy. The instructors are phenomenal at teaching ground school. I‘m really impressed at how well organized and structured ATP is. I’m confident that I’ve made the right decision in joining the program.

Since I’ve already done all my written tests, I’m going to spend the next three months reading all the FAA books, oral exam books, ATP supplements, and watching all the ATP modules. ATP has an incredible library of resources and I’m really thankful that I can continue to learn during this shelter-in-place time. Is there any other resource or recommendation that you have for me to do while I wait?

Thank you! I can’t wait to fly again!

Thao - I’m also starting my training on July 6 in Denver, and using this down time to get ahead. Where did you find the daily CFI live webinars? Are they under our student extranet account?

Yes, July 6! The link to the webinar is inside the Extranet account. These webinars are amazing because the Senior CFIs are really good at teaching. Their explanations are thorough and clear. Today, I asked a complicated question on the webinar, so one of the Senior CFI/retired DPE called me and talked to me 1-on-1 for an hour on all sorts of topics: aircraft performance, aircraft design, stalls, spins, and maneuvers. I feel like I’m getting a world-class ground education while I wait until I can fly again.

Here’s a description about the webinars. The ATP Elevate Webinar Series would like to invite you to our virtual group ground series. Beginning March 23, there will be 2 virtual ground sessions presented daily, at 11 AM and 3 PM Eastern Time. This week, staff will be teaching private pilot-level material; however, all students are encouraged to attend and will benefit. Participation in the webinars will help you become a better pilot and more prepared for your training events and checkrides.


Original post again updated to reflect the latest from ATP.

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Is July 6 the date ATP will open again nationwide?

With the exception of the Islip, New York location, ATP is fully open and actively training pilots.


Well, that depends on the governor of New York and when he decides to allow flight training to continue. In the meantime, your best plan would be to keep in touch with training support at ATP.

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