ATP signs with Boeing

I’m no insider, so this is new to me.


Is this saying the Jeppesen chart subscription will be provided FOR all instructors/students, or it’s going to be a requirement that students must pay for?

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I have asked for clarification on this and will report back as soon as I get it.

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Thanks, Chris!

I gotta say, I personally prefer briefing an approach off the Jepp plates. This is a welcomed change. :grin:

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Do most of the airlines use the Jepp charts versus FAA in everyday flying, or does it strictly depend on the airline?

The vast majority of airlines use Jeppesen charts.

That’s what I assumed, thanks for confirming!

Jeppesen allows airlines to tailor approach and information plates to their own individual needs. The government does not.

For example, certain airlines have lower approach minimums than others, Jeppesen will show those on the plate. They also publish pages that show company frequencies, location of gates, de-icing procedures, etc.

Oh wow, I didn’t realize that!
Interesting, and good to know.

Hey Chris -

Was clarification ever provided regarding the original post? Just curious, thanks

Andrew McL

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Yes, students are able to purchase the Jeppesen products at a highly reduced rate of about 50% off.


Hey Chris, thanks for looking in to this. Did you hear when that discount will be applied? I only see the previous already existing ATP discount


I suggest contacting Training Support for help with this.