ATP type ratings


I was kind of confused on how the type ratings work in the ATP fast track program. When you graduate the program do you graduate with all the ratings necessary for being hired by a regional airline? And also when move up to bigger airplanes and airlines in the future do you have to get all the necessary ratings by yourself again or will the airlines provide them?


Good question. When you graduate from ATP you will have all of the ratings necessary to be hired by the airlines. However, each different type of jet airplane requires a “type rating”. The airlines will provide this for you as part of your training. When you change airplanes at the airline you will go through training again and the airline will again provide all of the training necessary. I have four type ratings, everyone of them was paid for by the airlines.



Just to clarify,
§ 61.31 Type rating requirements, additional training, and authorization requirements.
**(a) Type ratings required. A person who acts as a pilot in command of any of the following aircraft must hold a type rating for that aircraft: **
**(1) Large aircraft (except lighter-than-air). **(>12,500lb MTOW< Max TakeOff Weight)
**(2) Turbojet-powered airplanes. **
**(3) Other aircraft specified by the Administrator through aircraft type certificate procedures. **

None of the aircrafts you fly at ATP (or any other flight school) require a type rating.


Thanks guys, this cleared up a lot of confusion.