How does one go from a Cessna 172 to a Jet

Do we train with a flight school to get our rating ? Once we get hired do we do our rating with the airlines.

I was always confused on how one gets from a Cessna or a multi engine to a big jet?

Does ATP do jet training or ratings also?

Thanks guys


Take a look at our FAQ section. That will take you through the process. Short answer is training. Lots of training.


Thanks Ray but I do not see anything in the FAQ specifically answering how one goes from a flight school to flying a jet? Did I miss which area this is in or info about the ratings etc.


Regional airlines train their new hires on the aircraft, all funded by the airline. In short, you begin training in an ATP CTP course. At the end of the course you take the ATM written test. Then you attend ground school and learn about the company and the airplane. Then you go through sim training. At the end of sim training you take an ATP/Type rating check ride. Then you receive Initial Operating Experience on the flight line.

It’s a huge learning curve from small GA to regional jet. Study hard and follow the process. The training program is designed to provide everyone with the tools to pass.


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Thank you Tory. This makes so much sense now.

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One more follow up. Do we get paid during this time and do we have to move to the regional airlines HQ


Airlines pay pilots while in training. You do not have to move to where the training center is, but you should expect to be there for several months while in initial training. The airline will provide a hotel.