Attending ATP at 18 with an Associates degree?

Hello everyone!
I’m fresh out of high school and was fortunate to attend a program called “Early Collge.” Essentially a program designed to finish high school with both an associate’s degree and a diploma. During my Sophomore year at age 16, I started enrolling in dual credit classes with a tremendous amount of work and stress. I was blessed to graduate with both degrees in the end at age 18. My point is, should I attend ATP with an interest in the Airline Career Pilot Program? I understand to get my ATP I have to be 21, Do I wait until I’m 21 or 20 fixing to be 21? If anyone were in my shoes would you have just gone to a university to finish your degree with a bachelor’s in Aviation? I have 60 credits. What should I do in the time being at 18? (Also I turn 19 this Nov.) My plan is to be a professional airline pilot. Anything would be helpful!


These are major life decisions that only you (and perhaps your parents) can make. Personally I think you’d be better served finishing your education and then diving head first into flight training.

First off congrats for doing so well and earning a degree by 18. As you point out you don’t want to be sitting around waiting. Also know with all the movement upgrade times are becoming far shorter and you can’t upgrade until your 23 so you’ll see your peers pass your by. I’m also not a fan of Aviation degrees as they offer no back up should flying not work out by choice or circumstance.

That said obviously the choice is yours.



I also think you would be best served by finishing your degree first. Is this the absolute fastest path? Probably not, but it is not always all about speed. You are half way through a degree now, it just makes sense to finish it. It is generally much easier to continue on with your education than to stop and try and restart it later. My vote is to finish the degree and then start an accelerated flight training program.



I am with the others on finishing up the degree sooner rather than later. Statistics prove that those who take years off between degrees have a harder time getting back into the groove of studying and finishing things up. I know a lot of high school friends that went to start their degree, stopped their studies and now work locally, they keep saying they want to complete it… Congratulations on the associate degree already, that’s a huge advantage.

With ATP you have an accelerated program that can get you to the airlines the fastest and successfully while putting your 100% time and focus into it.