Automation and the future of flight

Hi, I’m a 17 year old high school kid and my dream job ever since I was a little boy was to become an airline pilot. But now I’m worried because I have been reading lot’s of articles on automation in aviation and a few sources say that the human pilot is going extinct and is going to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.
I know I shouldn’t be this worried, but I am and I need an actual pilot to tell me his/her thoughts on the matter.
Thanks for reading this and I’d be very grateful if you could give your thoughts on this topic. :airplane:

This question comes up from time to time. When I was young they predicted we’d all have robot servants, self driving cars, jetpacks, flying cars, etc etc etc. I’m still waiting.

A few things to consider. First we’re nowhere near reliable automation for cars that operate on 2 axis let alone planes. Second just because the technology exists, doesn’t mean it’s practical. You know when the first plane with autoland was built? Almost 60yrs ago in the early 60s but many commercial aircraft still don’t have it and those that do seldom use it. Next, people like seeing someone upfront minding the store. EVERY person on this planet that has dealt with any kind of electronics knows its far from 100% reliable and they all feel a whole lot safer knowing there’s a human upfront to rise to the occasion when Skynet becomes self aware.

Will it happen? Eventually but not anytime soon and even when the first one flies they’re not simply going to retire the thousands of planes that are bought and paid for. You need to worry more about the internet manipulating your thoughts than AI taking your job.


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Thank you Adam, I really appreciate your response! :+1:

I do not really see this as being an issue. Tesla very clearly cannot automate a car and railroads, the most one dimensional of all transportation are not automated and are nowhere near it. Just try relying on the Newark Airtrain to make your connection and you will see what I mean.