Hello, I just wanted to ask anyone that is in ATP, or out. What does time look like for holidays, or needed personal days, like being sick or a family emergency? Just trying to learn everything i can before signing up. Thank you


You’ll have the major holidays off and of course family emergencies are emergencies and must be dealt with. Depending on your schedule, phase of training etc you will find yourself with occasional days off most weeks.

That said if you want to be successful, you really need to be commited to the program and be thinking about the days ON vs off. Those days off you’ll still have plenty of studying to do.


Yeah of course i just wanted to get familiar with ATP policies, thank you


You can plan on having Thanksgiving and Christmas off. If you’re sick, don’t go to the TC. Other than that, no other time off will be approved once you’re in the program unless you’re substantially ahead of schedule. The program accounts for progress every day and is too condensed to be taking time off.


Ok, thanks for the information


As the others already answered your questions, here’s a “Typical Day” as a student at ATP, there are a lot of variables so keep in mind that weather, plane availability and DPE shortages may interfere with schedule(s):