Aviation Universities or ATP?

Hi, I am a current junior in High School and my dream has always to become a major commercial pilot with a stable job and successful life. I know I’m just starting out with this aviation path and I could change my mind later, but my current ambitions are to get a 4 year Bachelors at a decent college for Aerospace engineering while trying out flying by getting a private pilot licence then come back to my home town and purse the ATP program if I wish. But, If I go straight to an aviation university like Purdue or UND, do I get a 4 year degree while also earning flight training hours? I seems like a more direct route to the industry. How do these aviation university programs work overall? How far can I get with a university, which costs more money or less time? Which will more likely land me a regional job when i finish? Also, it seems that I can have a back up plan if I finish my engineering major first if everything doesn’t go right. I’m still young and have long ways to go, but I’d appreciate all the advice I can get for my future path.


This question gets asked daily so I recommend you take some time and read through some of the posts asking the same question. That said if you look at the top of the screen you can clearly see the ATP logo so obviously we’re all somewhat partial. Honestly I like your Plan A. As you point out it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B. Not trying to be negative but flying simply doesn’t always work out. MANY people start training but not everyone is successful. So whether it’s your choice to change your path or due to circumstance having a backup is always a good idea. Second aviation university training programs are often VERY expensive.

Do some reading, check our FAQs and then feel free to return with some more specific questions.


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