Bachelor Degree or flight school

Hello! I’m currently doing a 3 years bachelor degree in aviation in Australia (international student). Right now I’m in my last semester for year 1. I’m having doubts over whether I should keep doing the degrees or not. Airline pilot would probably be my desired job in the future.

At the moment I have two pathway in my mind, the first one is to keep doing the degree, get my PPL along the way and build up my flight hour then eventually get my CPL after uni.

The second one would be dropping out of university and go straight to a flight school to get my CPL and instructor rating. After that, I will probably try to get a job in flight school and keep flying to get my hours, also some other required licenses for airline.

Feel free to leave some comments about it as I’m really confused about what I should do. Thanks!


I don’t know the requirements in Australia or where you’re planning to fly but in the US Major airlines want a Bachelor’s degree. You’ve almost completed your first year so why not keep going? You haven’t started flying yet. While you have the desire you have no idea if you have the skill and aptitude to be successful. Factor in people change their minds or face other obstacles (medical, DUIs, etc) that can hinder their pilot careers and it becomes clear it’s always a good idea to have a plan B.

Get your degree then pursue flying. Either way you’ll be glad you did.


Thanks Adam. If I stick around, I’m going to start flying next semester but the degree only includes very little hours. I already acquired my class 1 medical.