Bachelors v 2 Associate Degrees

Hello Everyone,
I am a junior in high school and trying to get a plan for my future. I’m currently indecisive between the Part 61 or Part 141 path, however, I have a question regarding the majors and their education requirement. If I decide to do Part 141 the University of Cincinnati is currently my top pick, but they only offer an associate degree in aviation technology with all the pilot ratings. I was planning on my other degree being business-related, and either get an associate degree in that too or if needed a bachelors. My question is whether the major airlines would work with two associate degrees or if they will need a bachelors and associate.


The airlines ask on the application “do you have a 4yr Bachelor’s degree?”. You either do or you don’t.


I ended up finding a bachelors program that incorporates credits from the aviation associate degree.

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An associate’s degree is a half way there certificate. You will need a full, undergraduate degree for the major airlines.