Background checks

I am just starting out. I am not one to wast my time and others time…
I need to get my class one medical, and I was wondering about the background check…
I have 2 misdemeanors one for petty theft at 18 that was about 6-7 years ago. The other one was for a false report/summons to police. A miscommunication… that was about 5yrs ago… Other then that I have nothing else… No tickets no drug history or anything like that… Will something like this really hinder me?
I really hope not… My credit is crap now too because of my motorcycle accident (not at fault) As far as physical health I’m in perfect shape


While I don’t think your history will impact your getting a First Class Medical it can (and probably will) impact your career. While the Regionals are hiring like mad they obviously don’t like criminal records and also don’t like bad credit. In all likelihood, due to the pilot shortage, you’ve probably got a shot at a Regional (provided you don’t have any more issues) but that may be your limit.



One more thing I would like to add…be honest and open about your past during interviews. Airlines conduct very thorough background checks. They will find out about your past eventually. Better for you to take responsibility when asked.



I think that these issues are recoverable, but make sure to keep a clean record from here on out.


Thanks guys. I have hope. Hey if I’m stuck with regional that’s fine. Gives me the hours I need. I’m good with talking to people just need to get my foot through the door