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So I’ve wanted to always pursue a career in aviation nearly my entire life and I’m very close to making the decision to go ahead and do it. The only question or concern I have is a single blemish on my record. In 2010 I received a domestic violence charge, and since then completed all probation requirements and classes. I have nothing else on my record , no dui not even a speeding ticket and I’ve nearly completed my bachelors degree. Should I be concerned with this and it preventing me from following my dreams of becoming a pilot, or move ahead and get the ball rolling. Any and all advice would be very much appreciated.



I’m not going to lie, that’s a tough one. Personally I believe you’ll be ok IF you continue to keep your nose clean (another offense you’re done) AND the more time you put between the offense. My thought is this. It’s been 6yrs and it’ll take you another 2yrs min to get to a Regional. The Regionals need pilots so I’m thinking (again provided there’s no other offenses and you demonstrate remorse when it comes up in an interview) they’ll take a shot on you. Another 5-7yrs before your looking at a Major so now we’re 13-15yrs removed, clean record since you “should”(?) be ok? That said there are no guarantees. Show up for an interview and someone on the panel has a sister/daughter/friend who was abused and you’re got a problem. Thing is you won’t know until you try and I would.



You said that you were charged with domestic violence, but were you convicted of it? Was it a misdemeanor or a felony conviction?

I will be honest, the airlines take a very dim view of things like this as they present a few issues. The first one is Canada, that country will not let people with even some very minor criminal records enter the country and every airline that I know of flies to Canada. The second is that the airlines pride themselves are their pilots being well disciplined and able to follow the laws, after all they are trusting you with people’s lives. I think that your best bet would be to contact the recruiting departments of a few regional airlines and ask them about your specific situation.


It was a misdemeanor and not a felony, and again the only thing I have on my record whatsoever. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t even anything serious it was an arugement with an ex I was living with. :frowning: Like I mentioned I did all that was asked if me and the courts and payed my dues. I hope that they can see this was a one time incident and unfortunate mistake and that a long time has gone by with nothing ever happening again or since then.

It still brings up the issue of entry into Canada though. I highly recommend that you speak to the recruiting departments of a few airlines and see how they would handle this.

Ok great I appreciate all your help. Anyway you recommend going about that

Have you looked into any way of removing it from your record? Most if not all states allow you to “expunged” your record. You have to meet certain requirements which will vary by state, and the effect of it may vary from state to state but in most it clears it from your record. No idea if you are eligible but it could be somthing to look into.

I have not actually!! That’s a great point I will most certainly look into that! Thank you


There is a phone number for Republic Airlines at the bottom of this page, just call and ask to talk to pilot recruiting: You can do the same for just about any regional airline out there.

Expunging your conviction from your record will not really help in that the airlines ask “Have you ever been convicted…” You have to answer this honestly as they will find out, even if your record has been expunged.


Ya you make a good point there! Ok thanks I will try and give them a call and see what advice I can get and I will be sure to follow up and let you know what they say. Thanks for all your help

Anytime. Please let us know what they say, I would like to know.

Hey Vinze,

So, it’s been several months. I was wondering if you have any new information to share?