Bathroom emergency

Hello everyone ,I have a question which will make some of you guys uncomfortable which deals with bowel movements if your flying the airplane but have stomach troubles that particular Day (Diarra, stomach virus) how does it work if your in control of the aircraft 34000 ft in the air . I need honesty please.


We’re all adults here so I’m not sure why you thing we’d find your question embarrassing as it’s a valid concern.

If I’m at FL340 and have to relieve myself (whether it be an “emergency” or not), we simply chime the Flight Attendant and they’ll come up while we go to the restroom. There always must be one pilot at the controls so the FA is the one who will open and close the door for the pilot in need.

With that in mind if you’re battling a stomach virus (or any other ailment), a responsible pilot should call out sick and shouldn’t be flying.




Could you answer this question about what you do during flight training in the smaller planes? Is there a “bag” or do you just have to land?



In smaller airplanes, some people carry a bag with them. However, it is not good etiquette to use it. Proper planning of hydration levels prior to a flight usually helps. Most flights are botany longer than two hours anyways.


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If you have a chronic condition, you should absolutely address that prior to flight training. If it’s just a one-off occasion, you can reschedule a training flight or call in sick for the trip. Of course if you’re already in the air, you can excuse yourself and get to the lav via the out of flight deck procedure. However, if you’re needing to visit the lav multiple times in one flight, that will impede you from doing your job. In a small trainer, returning to the airport frequently will burn up valuable flight time effecting your success in training.


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This is the answer i was looking for Thankyou