Becoming a comercial pilot

Hello to everyone on this platform. In June 2024, I will graduate from high school. I am a US citizen who lives in Florida. I aspire to be a commercial pilot. Can I begin training after graduating from high school, despite the fact that I will be 16 1/2 years old?


You need to be 18yo or older to train with ATP.

Further we HIGHLY recommend college first. You’ll want a degree at some point and since you’re so young there’s no reason not continue your education.



Make sure you check out ATP’s admissions requirements to make sure you meet them, you will not until you are 18. At your young age, Would recommend going to college first, then flight training.

Thanks, Adam. I appreciate all the information.
Very helpful.

Thanks. I was writing as my son. Sorry about that. I appreciate your response, and thanks to all for responding. I now have a lot of information and will follow up.


Please either write as yourself, or even better, have your son join the discussion himself. We have found time and time again that student pilots do much better when they are directly involved in the process of learning about the career and selecting the flight school.


Yes Sir, I will be doing that soonest.
Appreciate all.