Best Pathway To Major

What is the quickest plan to a major?
I’m still a senior in high school so I have a lot of time but I’m just starting to plan everything out.
I plan to go to OSU and attend their aviation school and graduate with everything needed for a restricted ATP license.

Furthermore, I see ExpressJet has their CPP program in place with United. Might this be an option? And there are rumors of them going out of business!

And when is the best time to apply for Skywest’s Cadet Program – is it possible to enroll during my schooling while I’m completing all of the licenses? And finally, OSU has a connection with Skywest, so does this make landing a position more likely??

Sorry for all the questions but help is greatly appriciated!!!


As a senior in HS you’re MANY years away from getting to a Major and MANY things can and will change by then. Best thing you can do is do well not only in your flight training but in your school studies. It doesn’t matter how much you want it if you have poor grades or suffer checkride failures you won’t make it so you should be focusing on that vs Cadet or other programs that may or may not exist when you’re ready for them. Personally I’m not a fan of aviation degrees as you’re putting all your eggs in one basket but that decision is yours. Once you’re enrolled and are actually going through the degree and flight training I’m certain they’ll provide you with the various options available AT THAT TIME.


The best thing about OSU is first year it is Pre-Engineering and you take two semesters of a private pilot course. If you like it you can choose aviation but if you don’t then you can declare another major come somphmores year

That’s a good thing.



Getting to a major is the pinnacle of an aviation career. While I am impressed that you are concerned with it now. you really are so many years away from it and things will likely change dramatically between now and then. You need to be focused on getting your ratings as quickly as possible, while also obtaining a four year degree. Once you have the ratings and are building time as a flight instructor, then you can start worrying about such things.