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Hello, I’m a sophomore in high-school and currently I’m taking flight lessons towards my private license. Currently I have 3 options after high school, ATP flight school, Skyborne Flight Academy, Or College, what pathway is the best option ? My next question, I was looking at envoys cadet program and I really want to get in, I saw that once you have your private pilot license and have done community service you can apply, so would it be a good idea for me to apply my senior year of high-school to envoys cadet program once I know where I’ll be going after high-school ?

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We will always recommend you do college first and stress the importance of having a degree. You never know what the state of the industry will be like, and having a degree is still highly preferred.

As a sophomore, you should just enjoy high school and get good grades. If you’re working on your private, make sure it’s consistent enough training to be making progress each flight and not just burning money.

ATP only has to starting points, zero time and credit private so if you decide you want to train with ATP, I would pause after completing your private. It’s no secret this is an ATP-sponsered forum and all of us mentors are ATP grads. We can’t really speak to other flight schools but we chose ATP for a reason and it propelled our careers to where we are now.

Don’t worry about cadet programs right now. You want to have your options open and make good decisions on where you want to go when it’s a little more timely.



We ALWAYS recommend college first. Alot can happen between now and then and a) the Majors want a degree and b) you want a Plan B.

This is why you need to pump your brakes, do well in HS , THEN get your degree and then eventually complete your training. Then you can pursue what programs may or may not be available 10yrs from now.