Cadet programs at 18

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can answer a question for my 18 year old son. If he were to start ATP at 18 years old, would he be eligible to apply to any of the airlines that have cadet programs through ATP? I understand that he is not eligible to work for them until he is 21 and has 1500 hours. But, I see a lot of agreements with airlines to help with tuition reimbursement, mentoring and guaranteed interviews during training. However, if he is not 21 when he is student or an instructor, are these opportunities available?


I’m thinking that’s a question you (or really your son) needs to ask the airlines directly. All the airlines are actively recruiting and have people available for these type of questions.

Id encourage your son to make the call or contact. I participated in hiring and can tell you if we got a call from someone’s parents it was an instant no.