Advise on approach to get back into flying

Hello everyone,
I have come across this website recently found it very helpful.
My name is Asma shaik, I finished my FAA CPL back in 2008, later got my Indian CPL in 2012. I did not do any of the flying after that. I finished my bachelors degree in computer science and joined an IT company. Now I want to get back in to flying. Please advice me on what would be the best way to get my license current, build flying hours and apply for airline jobs. I have around 450 flying hours and I’m 30years old living in Minnesota state.
I was thinking of getting a instructor rating or get an airbus rating then apply for jobs. Mean while get a refreshment course at one of the flying school and get my license current. I want to stick IT company until I find a airline pilot job. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much!

You will have to have 1,500 hours of flight time to fly for a US based airline. You will also need to be a US citizen or US permanent legal resident.

Most people build their flight time by flight instructing, but that will be very hard for you to do part time and you did not mention having a CFI.


Flight instructing is the most common way most low time pilots build time so yes getting your CFIs would probably be a good idea. There’s absolutely zero point getting an Airbus type rating (unless you can make use of it in India?). In the US you need 1500 hrs min to fly for an airline and that’s going to mean a Regional. Since no Regionals fly Airbus’ again there’s no point in getting the type.


Hi Adam, thanks so much for your response. This makes sense. I will go ahead and work on my CFI rating. I will be in US for next couple of years before I move to India. So mostly I’m looking into working here in the US.
Thank you,

Hi Chris, thanks so much for your message.
Yes I do not have CFI rating. But I will start working on this soon, mostly in couple of months and I would do full time while working on CFI or building flying hours.
About the citizenship, I’m not a US citizen, but I have a Work authorization in the US. Not sure if this is enough for me to work here. Otherwise I’m happy to move back to India once I have certain amount of flying hours.



A work visa won’t cut it. You need to either be a citizen or have permanent resident status.


Got it. I just have to wait until 2021 to get my permanent resident status. Hopefully I will be ready with my flying hours. Thank you.