New Student in Vancouver

Hey guys, Im a new member on this website. Im Iranian and Im about to move to Canada, Vancouver to start my aviation life. I just got admission from Professional Flight Center in Delta. Im really excited and I have some question regarding job market. I know that when I finish my school probably I have only 250 hrs of flight in my resume. What should we do to find a job? or is this sufficient to find a job?
please advise. Im going to spend all of my savings on my plan so most probably I will ran out of money at the end of my courses.


Is your plan to work in Canada? If so, you will need to reach out to people in that country as we are all US based pilots.

If your plan is to work in the US, you will need to either be a US permanent legal resident or US citizen, no exceptions. You will also need to have 1,500 flight hours, most people build this flight time via instructing.



As Chris said this forum is really for pilots in the US. I recommend you ask the folks at Pro Flight Center who you’ll be giving your money to these questions. You don’t say which program you’re be taking or if that program includes instructor ratings? Again this is a US forum but like the US I can’t imagine there are too many jobs for 250hr pilots other than teaching. Again you need to be asking the school these questions.