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Hello pilots, I would love to go to United Aviate Academy to have the highest chance to become a united pilot. I saw on the United website that you have to do you training at the school for one year untill you can fly for regionals. My question that I am asking is that if you live in another state along side from the pilot school you would want to go to ( In this case “United Aviate Academy”) could you bring your car from your living state to have transportation while attending school, to stores, shops etc. Or would you have to change the license plate or something else for you to legally have a car in that state to be state legal or would they not care?

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You’re asking about MV laws in certain states which can vary so you’d be better served checking the MV laws in the state you’re looking at.

That said since literally THOUSANDS of people go to college every year in other states, bring their cars and don’t re-register them I don’t believe it’s a problem.


Ok, how do you check what states allow it and what states don’t? Is there a website for that information?

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Google is a wonderful thing but again, this is not something unusual nor something you should be concerned with. Many states “require” you to re-register your car if you’re planning on moving there. If it’s simply for school I wouldn’t worry about it.

Worry about learning to fly and choosing the best program for you to be successful.


So your saying I should be fine to have my state license that I would register at the state that I would live in, to another because in the state I would want to go to will be for school, and I should be fine because I am only staying there for a year and not because I am not going to live there.
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We are not here to give legal advice, we are pilots. You will need to consult whatever state you are going to.

As an alternative, why don’t you ask the people at Aviate Academy?



To clarify in your original post, the standard for most flight school career programs is to receive your required pilot certifications within a year. However, you won’t have anywhere near enough flight time to go fly for United. You’ll have to determine what path will be best for you to reach 1500 flight hours but you should account for an additional two years after completing a program till you’ll be eligible to fly at a regional. Although United is a trusted brand, the flight school is a young program and will take time to mature to best provide all the additional resources to excel at training. I have no knowledge of the Aviate Academy so my previous comment was purely my speculation. But I am a student at ATP and I can tell you at ATP, not only do you have all the additional resources in the palm of your hand, you are also purchasing a proven program of holding students above and beyond the average standards to sculpt them into the most sought out pilot candidates evident by all the airline partnerships. United may be your desired airline now but in 5 years you might find another airline has the benefits that best meets your needs for pay and quality of life.



I am from Pennsylvania and lived in the housing as a student for ATP in New Jersey, did not re-register my car or anything for the state of NJ. As Adam mentioned, college students do this regularly where they will drive their car to and from the location they study at and never re-register. I would do two things, look up the MV laws for where United Aviate Academy is and reach out directly to the Academy if they have any answers for your question specific.