CFI at locations in need of instructors

Hi, I’m currently on the commercial stage and I know is too early to think about which CFI location I will be going, but I want to have an idea of where I should go. I know most people prefer to instruct at a location close to where they live with their families or where they did their training, and that’s also my case, but I’ve been thinking what if there are locations that are in need of instructors and I will have a chance to fly more. I say this because I’m 22, single, no dependents, and to be honest, no major responsibilities…I’m currently in Florida and all of my family lives in florida but I’m willing to move anywhere, I’ve heard ATP opened new locations in Arizona and Colorado, but in general I want to know I’m not been overconfident Over my thoughts, and if ATP will let me do this or not. ?


You can go wherever you’d like where there’s an opening, it’s as simple as that.

When you finish the program (and considering you meet all of their requirements), ATP will provide you with a list of locations that have current instructor openings. You can either accept one of those (which may or may not be one you want), or you can decline and look at teaching elsewhere outside of ATP.

The openings change frequently (daily/weekly), and you can request a transfer, so you could accept an opening at any location initially, and then put in a request to transfer should an opening come up down the line where you would rather teach.

However, there are of course no guarantees when it comes to locations, so it might open up or it might not.

Make sense?


Two things. First as Michael said, if the location is available it’s yours (there are no “senior” or preferential spots).

Second, believe it or not, family or not ALL instructors want to be busy and build their time quickly. ATP strives to spread the wealth amongst all the instructors and locations. Busier locations have more instructors, quieter one’s have less. The net result is that all the instructors are building time comparably.


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