Becoming a Instructor and Location Selection

Good morning, I have been ready this for about a week now and you guys are great! My main question is about becoming an instructor once your have completed your schooling. After talking with a couple people it seems that you get a list of places to choose from and hopefully its your current location (But not always). I am currently about to change careers and attend school in a location that allows my wife to also retain her job. However should an instructor position not be open at the time i complete the school, that would require us to move a 2nd time. within 12 months (not idea for her). Was not sure if any of you had wifes at the time going through the school who might of already had careers. Or if ATP is flexible on hiring instructors maybe on a +/- 30 days depending on availability, just don’t want to miss an instructor position (at said preferred location) because I either graduated 30 days early or 30 late from the opening. It may just be luck of the draw which we are fine with.

Thanks again for taking the time to help us all out!


What you can do is accept a location that is not desirable to you, then put in a transfer request to your desired location. Once your location comes up, the company is usually rather good about transferring people quickly


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What specific location are you considering? I can provide some additional insight with that information.

What always amazes me is how everyone from students to instructors to even ATP’s own Flight Operations Team seems to fixate on the current demand as being an indicator of future demand.

Chris, Adam & Team can attest: do not try to over-plan in this industry. If you’re flexible and have an open mind for an opportunity, things seem to work out.

Not to mention, graduating from ATP, you will be in high demand at any other flight school. We would hate to lose you as we need all the good CFIs we can get, but you’re in a good position. You should probably focus on what’s best for training right now, and as you get closer to becoming a CFI, start looking at options.

In a previous post I remember seeing you post that after passing the instrument rating portion, you can commit to a location of your choice if it is available and you will have a spot reserved for there. How do you go about this?

I was wanting to attend the location in Raleigh. I spoke to someone last week who mentioned that this location was not hiring at this time sonwould possibly be good for the future, again everything is unknown which is fine. I’m also flexabile but would just not rather move the wife twice. Looking to apply and start in the beginning of March. Also seems like this location is full till Decemeber so it’s about 3 months out.

Ummm, please look above to what Justin said.


Contact Training Support and they can help make it happen. CC, to ensure it does. Typicaly, “reservations” are only available after committing to an Instructor Standardization date after CFI School. For top-performers who are assertive in attaining their objective, we can lock it in sooner with communication.


RDU is among the many growing locations. We are currently limited by physical office space. If you’ve been there for a tour or intro flight, you will understand. This causes instructor staffing (and ACPP class size) to be limited by instructor “attrition” to the regional airlines (unlike other schools, we view this instructor attrition as good! That is the point, after all.). We are working on options to grow the facility because of very strong demand, but this is the reality right now.

We have a team dedicated to training center facilities, whether expansion or new, and I bet we’ll have an increased capactity for instructor staffing requirement in 9 months.