Location, location, location! (for ATP CFIs)

Hello everyone. I’m about to begin my ATP training from zero hour and have a question regarding the CFI segment of training. While perusing the ATP Flight School locations, some have several instructors on roster while others not so much. Is this determined by the ATP school itself nationwide with supply and demand in mind or other factors? Do CFIs have any say in where they end up as instructors and if you’re assigned to a location with many other CFIs, are you still able to accrue enough hours to hit the 2 year mark of the fast track program? Thank you.


ATP sets the number of instructors at locations based not the demand from the public for flight training at that particular center. In other words, an instructor should expect to be busy no mater what location they end up teaching at. You do have a say in where you will be assigned to teach. Right now I believe that the company asks for your top three locations and then does their best to get you to one of those, but it is not guaranteed.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions and good luck in the program!


Thank you, Chris! That makes sense and is good to hear.