Hello everyone,

I had a quick question regarding the CFI. Once I go through the fast track program and obtain all my ratings, as a CFI am I only allowed to instruct single engines for ATP students? Does the CFI include CFII and MEI? Sorry if this question makes no sense, I am still learning about all the different ratings.

Also, does ATP hire CFIs/CFII/MEIs outside of their program or do they strictly hire from within? If so, what are the requirements for outside contracted instructors? Thank you very much for answering my questions again.


Hi Emmitt,

Yes I believe your question makes sense (although the answer is clearly displayed on the website)? When you complete the ACPP you’ll have your CFI, MEI and CFII and have the opportunity to instruct students for ALL licenses and ratings (with the exception of initial CFIs which requires a sign off by a CFI with a min of 2 yrs experience).

ATP does hire instructors from outside ATP (but program grads get first dibs on jobs and available locations). They require all 3 instructor certs (CFI, MEI, CFII), 50 hrs ME and 35 hrs ME PIC.